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The Warfield
Size: 30" x 24"
Medium: Oil on canvas
Date: 2013

Hook Collection, Roseville, CA

The Warfield, also known as the Warfield Theatre, is a 2,300 seat music venue in the heart of San Francisco. It is located at 982 Market Street. The Warfield was built by G. Albert Lansburgh and the thetre opened in 1922. The Warfield was a popular location that featured vaudeville and other major performances. In keeping with it's illustrious past, everyone has played there. The entertainment in the 1980's ranged from bands such as The Clash, Grateful Dead and U2, to theatrical productions such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and the Cantonese Opera from China.

The Warfield building has an elegant facade, including a Baroque style ornamentation. At above entrance, it has two tall females statues, which their presence may represent a welcoming gesture for those entering the theatre. In the painting "The Warfield", it presents the buiding facade in a colorful and abstracted forms. The marquee reads "The Sister of Mercy", a goth rock band which first performed there in April of 1991 and then in March of 2006.

This painting was first exhibited during Araujo's solo show, ON THE EDGE OF DELICATE LINES, July-September 7th, 2013 at Alphaville Gallery, in San Francisco. It will be on view at the Old Mint, for Mid-Market Landmarks solo exhibition in San Francisco, January-March 2015.

The Warfield has been nominated for ARTslant's 7th Annual Showcase Winner in the category of Painting in August, 2013.

7th 2013 Showcase Winner

The Warfield

Category: painting


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