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SOMA Scene
Size: 48" x 72"
Medium: Oil on canvas
Date: 2005

Welch Collection, San Francisco.

Uniting the buildings of San Francisco’s SOMA district under a bright dark brown sky, the city is uplifted by the neon lights illuminated by an emerald full-moon. Several iconic structures are imagined such as The Palace Hotel’s signage, along with the Golden Gate Theatre and the Old Emporium’s rotunda silhouettes. The power plant tower, originally the PG&E Power Plant of 5th and Jessie Streets,  placed in the middle continue to rise, along two other figures rising at the sides: a construction stairway on the right, and on the left a sharp pinnacle belonging to the clock tower. This clock is part of the 33 New Montgomery Street building, situated across from the Palace Hotel. I observe this clock in a daily basis. I look up and the time will read 9:05: a repetitive moment. Incorporated at the bottom is an arcaded column, a continuous icon presented in my works, and admiration to classical architecture, juxtaposed with the modern. The arcades present a range of luminous colors and opacity, a clean atmosphere. SOMA Scene is my own vision for SOMA – the coming excitement at night, awake and silent.

SOMA Scene has not been exhibited. As soon as this painting was completed, Patricia's Private Collector came to visit her studio one evening and the painting sold, (2005).
SOMA Scene is featured in Patricia's book entitled, SOMA SEEN, published in 2008.

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