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The Extraordinary Among Them
Size: 72" x 48"
Medium: Oil on canvas
Date: 2004

Price: $5,800.
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The Extraordinay Among Them, forms part of an earlier series, titled the Copper Series. All of the Copper Series were executed between 2003 to 2004, oils on canvas, and with a first layer of copper oil paint. During 2003, I also devoted to painting perfume bottles, hence for this particular piece, I merge alchemy elements and imagery of my personal collection of a glass bottle. The Extraordinary Among Them brings together the wandering of objects, glowing in alchemy of enigma. A large round glass vessel, wholesome and in motion, is confronted from behind by a tall rectangular shaped bottle with an opening yet not clear indication of what it holds inside. This rectangular bottle has a top area seen as a spray, yet untouched. A lamp on the left is fragmentized, as if the light bulb were pulled skyward. The lamp may wish to connect with the voluptuous round glass bottle. It’s the interplay between them, and the individuality within them that creates the enigmatic setting.

The Extraordinary Among Them was executed in 2004 while attending at the San Francisco Art Institute. I was surrounded by tremendous talent at the school, many amazing artists and professors. I was very humbled to have received sincere feedback with this painting by Brett Reichman- an incredible teacher and painter I admire immensely. He said this was the best piece he had seen that year. I exhibited The Extraordinary Among Them during my two Solo Shows, titled New Paintings,  and Perfume, both held at SOMA Gallery, in San Francisco, in 2004.

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