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Size: 72" x 48"
Medium: Oil on canvas
Date: 2004

Giolitti Collection, San Francisco, CA.

This painting was exhibited at San Francisco's Arttitud showroom in 2011.

Expedition was inspired by a glass bottle that was given to me by a friend while I was at the San Francisco Art Institute. I enjoy collecting quartz, perfume bottles and glass bottles....i love glass bottle designs and their history.  In 2003, I devoted to painting Perfume bottles.

Expedition forms part of an earlier series, titled the Copper Series.
All of the Copper Series paintings were executed between 2003 to 2004, oils on canvas, and with a first layer of copper oil paint. For this particular piece, I bring together alchemy elements and imagery of my personal collection of a glass bottle.

A centered outline shaped bottle is rising vertically and endlessly, surrounded by an explosive mass in rhythm. This painting may reflect a bottle’s journey into the unknown….an expedition to follow.

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