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Under Construction III
Size: 22" x 30"
Medium: Graphite + pastel on paper
Date: 2002

Cooper-Clarke Collection, Woodacre, CA

The third drawing series devoted to Longleat’s rooftop, Under Construction III, presents a frontal view, exploring the fascination to the rooftop and discovering the love of the chimney shapes. After making this drawing, I became inspired to produce a series of paintings of the rooftop, by enhancing this vision with color in oils. Although, the Under Construction drawings were executed in a minimal format, they remain an enchanting place, and these can be seen as a beginning of a construction, and a city in itself for the chimneys.

Under Construction III was included in a book publication by the California College of the Arts, book entitled, CCA Literary Journal: Eleven-Eleven, Volume IUnder Construction III is featured on Page 1. CCA organized a Book Release and group exhibition showcasing the artists published in the book at Den space in the Spring 2004. This piece was exhibited there along with my other Longleat Series drawings. This drawing was also exhibited in 2006 at the Tehama Building Open House, 776 Tehama Street, San Francisco.


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