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The Musical in Form
Size: 36" x 36"
Medium: Oil on canvas
Date: 2002

Mulligan Collection, Oakland, CA.

Available in Fine Art Print of original oil on canvas
Limited Editions by Art Capitol
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The Musical in Form
, translates an image in a structural format, geometrical in shape. The chimney tops can represent "little people" watching over their territory, as guardians of the rooftop, yet not as tall as the gold dome. Each form is in balance and individual. There is a musical element happening between them, uplifting and harmonious. It can also be read as candy, fruity, a desirable setting.

The Musical in Form, was first exhibited during Patricia's Solo Show, titled New Paintings,  at SOMA Gallery, San Francisco, March 2004. Followed by group show in 2005 at Double Punch Gallery, exhibition titled Five. This painting was also exhibited at some other smaller shows in the city, and was sold in February, 2010 to a dear friend, residing in Oakland.

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