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Pacifica, Happy 75th!
Size: 32.5" x 37"
Medium: Oil on wall
Date: 2015

During Arttitud's Art Festival weekly event of the "Live Art Show", (held on Sunday, May 3rd from 12:00-4:00pm), I painted Pacifica, Happy 75th, which is part of a collaborative mural located at Arttitud's (Art Gallery & Furniture Design store) outer wall on Langton Alley- one of San Francisco's historic art alleys. There was great excitement by both pedestrians walking by and of those that visited the artists painting live. A selected group of artists represented by Arttitud, which included myself (Patricia Araujo), Terbo Ted, Jerry Frost, Sergey Konstantinov, David Perea, Mariah Ortiz, and Anatoli Generalov, were invited to paint something unique that could be completed that same day. Arttitud's owner, Tatiana Takaeva, also invited her children and friends of the gallery to paint on the wall. Takaeva instructed each artist to paint on an individual wall space of 32.5" (in width) x 37" (height) and separated by 6" apart from each artist's painting. The works are viewed at eye level which offers a steady composition and not like an ordinary mural which usually is painted from top to bottom and covering the entire wall. Arttitud's outer wall looks more like a traditional gallery wall. Each area is adorned by the artist's painted frame and their images are painted different from one another in terms of content and style, and are unified by it's curated display. Takaeva wishes to expand this painted wall since there's available space for more art! 

I painted on wall in both acrylics and oils the face of Pacifica and enclosed by a rectangular double frame in black and white. Pacifica was an 80 foot sculpture made of plaster by Ralph Stackpole that stood at San Francisco's last world's fair- the Golden Gate International Exposition of 1939-40 at Treasure Island. Pacifica was the theme statue for the exposition, representing world peace, neighborliness, and the power of a unified Pacific coast. She was monumental, a peaceful, almost prayer-like female figure, and as if welcoming guests at the fair. She was demolished after the fair ended in 1940. She was and continues to be an iconic figure and it is hoped one day to have her re-built and back at the Island. This is my fourth painting relating to Pacifica. Her face features an illuminated dreamy night-time look and for this special occasion she is painted on a public wall and what a better way to commemorate her 75th Anniversary! This wall piece can be viewed any day, any time at Arttitud! Arttitud is located at 1121 Howard Street @ Langton Alley.

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