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Among Bottles Bottles in Transition Opposite Scents Sequence of Bottles City of Perfume Bottles Issey Miyake versus Tilex  The Battle between Perfume Explosion All on Their Own 4 Bottles of Perfume

4 Bottles of Perfume
Size: 18" x 24"
Medium: Watercolor on paper
Date: 2003

Valencia Collection, Larkspur, CA.
This drawing was exhibited in 2004 at SOMA Gallery, during Patricia's Solo Show titled Perfume


Photo above: 4 Bottles of Perfume (framed)

After exploring Casmir, I developed another series of drawings devoted to perfume bottles. These drawings are watercolor on paper, and these are technically enhanced, by utilizing a spray bottle along with mixture of watercolor, to create the atmosphere of scent. Included in my collection, is a cobalt blue glass bottle, non- specific perfume, of unknown designer. It is an anonymous, gorgeous and sophisticated bottle. I became hypnotized by its beauty when I saw it in a display window shop. This bottle was later given to me as a gift by a family member. I have kept this bottle with me since then, traveling from city to city. It is a heavy glass, sharp edged, very geometrical in shape, and transparent. It can be seen as a weapon, yet it is fragile. I have included this cobalt blue bottle along with Casmir, and next to two other more popular perfumes: Issey Miyake and Organza by Givenchy. Issey Miyake has a minimal design, a long and triangular shaped bottle, frosted glass with a silver top. Its fragrance is influenced by spring and quite powerful to one’s nostrils! Organza features a female figure in front of a Greco-Roman column, all in glass, at its top an ionic shape. Its fragrance is very fruity and sweet, and one can smell it from afar!

It all starts with All on Their Own, as simply seeing the bottles as they appear, in space. Explosion, derives from combining the cobalt blue bottle in a repetitive format, positioned in different angles, overlapping one another, and creating an imaginary scent. This blue bottle is seen as carefree and loose. 4 Bottles of Perfume, a straightforward approach in depicting the design of each perfume bottle. Fragrances are about to explode, yet confined in its interior. In City of Perfume Bottles, an imaginary cityscape created by the perfume bottles. The original bottles start role changing among themselves’ taking qualities from the others. Casmir’s dome top departs from the cobalt blue bottle, the head of the Organza bottle is laying on the ground, as if supported in water. It is an active setting, as if fireworks are about to occur. Sequence of Bottles, offers a calm environment, an optical illusion between the Issey Miyake bottle, which is presented in a sequence, as if it’s a family member’s of Issey Miyake walking around the gold dome of Casmir, and at the far right, the cobalt blue top is headed skyward. The dome is centered and seen as a superior, stronger shape, heavier in its form and volume, perhaps a sacred structure inviting Issey Miyake! The Battle between Perfume, presents the hierarchy between them. Issey Miyake’s top goes skyward, as well as the Organza. The cobalt blue bottle’s essence is dripping on top of its own stopper and is confronted by Organza. Every bottle is powerful, sharing their wealth! In Tylex versus Issey Miyake, I have added a domestic bottle that also has scent, but of a strong detergent- like quality to eliminate soil and smells and to offer another! It has the opposite effects and purpose of the perfume bottles. Tylex and perfume are domestic and feminine tools that serve a purpose, whether to bring in the pure and clean or to reinforce another scent. Yet both can stain and irritate the skin. There are many people who are allergic to perfume, which can be seen as a toxic and overpowering smell, if used in excess. Perfume offers a moment to just focus on the act of smelling, and permits a door for one to reconsider its essence, by oppositions, such as nostalgia, beauty, joy, versus an uncomfortable memory or odor…hopefully, perfume shares a special awakening.

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