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Composing Series V
Size: 11" x 8.5"
Medium: Ink, gouache and gold pigment on paper
Date: 2005

Private Collection.

The Composing Series, are derived from an everyday release by drawing compulsively, repetitive and continuous lines which shape into melodic style. I have compiled this particular series to present them uniformed and in sequence. The basis for Composing Series are created while seated or standing, awaiting at a counter, or while talking on the telephone, at a rapid moment, perhaps a nervous and quick reaction versus the act of staying still. It is difficult not to draw these lines if I am confronted by an empty page- an urge to create a fluid image. Composing Series are melodic, a construction in progress, accompanied by dome figures adorning the atmosphere.

Composing Series V was exhibited in 2005 at Pigman Gallery's group show titled PAPER!AWESOME!

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