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Hibernia meets F & C
Size: 24" x 32"
Medium: Oil on canvas
Date: 2018

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This painting will be exhibited for the first time at the coming Solo Show, "Abstract Metropolis" at Parisoma in San Francisco, January 18th to February 21st, 2018. And will also be exhibited "FACADES: Central City Architecture" at the annual "SF History Days" at the Old Mint, March 2018.

While walking at west of Sixth and Market Streets, one can notice a magnificent iconic city landmark, Furniture and Carpets, and if you are looking upwards it is recognizable due to its large signage atop. It is a gorgeous tall glass facade with its enormous Corinthian columns, holding itself all on its own. Furniture and Carpets is also known as "Eastern Outfitters Company building", and was designed and built by the architect George Applegarth in 1907. After the "Eastern Outfitters Company" went out of business, it has become sweatshops and was abandoned for many years and until very recent it was restored.

In Hibernia meets F & C, I painted 3 individual San Francisco buildings part of Central Market district and this time they are merging as one whole street. On the right, originally located at 1021 Market Street, is the infamous and forgotten Furniture and Carpets. On the far left, is The Hibernia Bank, a city landmark located at Jones and Market, designed by the beaux-arts tradition by Albert Pissis in 1892. It was considered the most beautiful building in San Francisco and had been deserted for over a decade. Both the Hibernia and Furniture and Carpets are united by the clock tower of 33 New Montgomery Street. This clock building illuminates the streets and can be seen from a far and forms part of the city’s landscape. This is my second painting of this scenery.

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