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Cupulas I
Size: 38" x 50"
Medium: Charcoal + gold pigment on paper
Date: 2002

Ahl Collection, Arlington, VA

I dedicated a series of drawings to cupulas, derived from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, located at 7th and Folsom Streets, in San Francisco. My fascination towards the shape of the dome has captured my attention and through drawing them, the cupulas became a new space, where struggle and strength is fought, as well as the hierarchy between them.
Cupulas Series I, is a glorification of combining golden domes versus darker tones. One large gold cupula is standing perpendicular and crashing over another, yet no mayor destruction has occurred. Each cupula is sustaining their individual foundation. There can exist many interpretations to this imagery, such as war, religion, beauty of architecture, and beauty of the cupulas.

Cupulas I is featured in Patricia's book entitled, SOMA SEEN, published in 2008.

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