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Size: 40" x 30"
Medium: Oil on canvas
Date: 2006

This painting is part of the Permanent Collection at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, in Las Vegas.

San Francisco’s Old Emporium’s rotunda, has been elevated 60 feet off the ground. It is the vision of a monumental site. Rising, presents the rotunda during renovation, which has been restored, and during the fall of 2006, the Old Emporium will convert into the new Westfield San Francisco Shopping Centre. The Old Emporium’s rotunda is now hidden away and only for an individual to see once inside. But once upon a time, as seen in this drawing, while walking, I observed a tall dome, solid in foundation suspended by bars. It might represent a water tower, a spaceship. This Towering Dome unites the observer to be part of its existence and part of a celebrated iconic structure.

Rising was first exhibited at Patricia's Solo Show titled, RECONSTRUCTING SOMA. A few days after this exhibition ended Rising was exhibited for another Solo Show titled The Old Emporium. This exhibit was held at the Old Emporium which converted into Westfield San Francisco Shopping Centre in September 2006. This exhibition lasted a two year duration and the opening coincided with the shopping centre's grand opening to the public. Rising was exhibited at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, in Las Vegas, in June 2010, during the International Contemporary Masters 2010, Vol. III group show. It is now part of the museum's Permanent Collection.

Rising is featured in Patricia's book entitled, SOMA SEEN, published in 2008.

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