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05-01-2011 04:02 pm

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“FLOW: The Essence of Paint” National Juried Exhibition

EXHIBITION DATES: June 4-25, 2011
ARC GALLERY, 1246 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
JUROR: Andre Rozanoff, Director, Cain Schulte Gallery, San Francisco

Flow is an inherent characteristic of fluids. Fluids such as paint dribble, drip, ooze, pour, run, spill, splash, spread, and squirt. And the brush stroke has long been synonymous with painting. This exhibition explores on the intrinsic properties that serve to characterize and identify the paint medium. The juror’s criteria for “FLOW: The Essence of Paint” was based on the mastery of technique and creative use of the medium, as well as the qualities of composition, line, color, texture, and scale.

“FLOW” featured artists: Patricia Araujo, Leigh Barbier, Logan Bolger, Arnold Chao, Cameron Chernoff, Kathryn Clark, Joanna Dur, Tracy Fetter, Nancy Glenn, Jeffrey Glossip, Brian Greif, April Hankins, Len Holmes, Brett Houser, Vivien Kane, Irena Kononova, Angela Lazarow, Saundra McPherson, Christine Muratore, Nite Owl, Melisa Phillips, Kevin Pincus, Fernando Reyes, Carol Rienecker, Maura Satchell, John Waguespack, and Angela Willetts.
This exhibition accompanies a catalgue featuring all the works of artists showing. Araujo's drawing, The Battle between Perfume, is featured on page 2.
To view all the artwork featured in the catalogue for this exhibit, visit here

See photos from the opening!


About "The Battle between Perfume", by Patricia Araujo 

The Battle between Perfume was developed in 2003 and forms part of an earlier series inspired by my personal collection of  perfume bottles. This drawing is watercolor on paper, and was technically enhanced by utilizing a spray bottle along with mixture of watercolor to create the atmosphere of scent. Afterwards, some areas were re-touched with metallic pigment to adorn particular forms.

Perfume on its own has augmented femininity through the ages. It can be sacred, casual, it can represent wealth, sexuality and sensuality, attraction and emotion. Perfume is perceived as emotional and it’s experienced while smelling. One can perceive another through the scent of the perfume without seeing the actual individual. For me, it’s an everyday morning routine, to apply perfume to my neck and wrists. Perhaps I learned this tradition through my mother and grandmother. I was always delighted to be nearby the display of the perfume bottles atop a silver tray. I enjoy the personal aspect one shares once one knows one’s scent and of others, followed by what is left behind once a person has left a room. The absence of physical mass replaced by perfume leaves a mark. Who knows if the scent will last forever, perfume does dissipate, but the search, nostalgia and memory become infinite.

Included in my collection, is a cobalt blue glass bottle, non- specific perfume, of unknown designer. It is an anonymous, gorgeous and sophisticated bottle. I have kept this bottle with me since my youth, traveling from city to city. It is a heavy glass, sharp edged, very geometrical in shape, and transparent. It can be seen as a weapon, yet it is fragile. I have included this cobalt blue bottle next to other more popular perfumes: Issey Miyake and Organza by Givenchy. Issey Miyake has a minimal design, a long and triangular shaped frosted glass bottle with a silver top. Its fragrance is influenced by spring and quite powerful to one’s nostrils! Organza features a female figure in front of a Greco-Roman column, all in glass, at its top an Ionic shape. Its fragrance is very fruity and sweet, and one can smell it from afar!

Through these drawings, I wish to capture the physical essence of each perfume bottle, accentuanted by its scent effect, spray painted onto paper. Each drawing has a story to tell. Some will be seen as a cityscape, and others will start role-changing among themselves. The Battle between Perfume, presents the hierarchy between them. Issey Miyake’s top goes skyward, as well as the Organza. The cobalt blue bottle’s essence is dripping on top of its own stopper and is confronted by Organza. Every bottle is powerful, sharing their wealth! This perfumescape captures the playfulness between them. 



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